Canary Properties
August 19, 2018
February 22, 2018

Whether it’s a summer holiday, the big music festival or Friday night drinks, Capture, Create together and re-live the best moments through our Group Stories that we like to call “Events”.

Create a new Event, add friends to it, set a timer, everyone adds photos & videos that they capture from their own phones. When the timer runs out, watch the entire Event as one big Group Story.

Bring together photos and 60sec videos of your special moments, vlog your day out, create a comedy sketch, work-out tutorials or simply an entire episode of just selfies, create and share what-ever you can think and watch You through your friends’ eyes.

How to Vizzou:

  • Take a new photo/video, Start an Event with Friends or Start your own Event
  • set the timer for when the Event should go live
  • Everyone fills the Event up with photos or Videos captured from their own phones… simple.
  • When the timer runs out, Vizzou joins all the photos/videos added together and creates an Event


  • My Events – Events that you are directly a part of
  • Upcoming – Events your friends created or that they were added to by other users.
  • Ready to Watch – Events that your Friends created and are ready to be Watched.
  • View’s Counter – Lets you know how many times your Events have been watched.
  • Privacy matters therefore You can only create Events with those users who you follow back. Privacy and choice.
  • Click on an Event in the “Upcoming” section and it will let you know how long before that event goes live
  • Simple and beautiful screens.